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sylwia's blog

  • 2017: Paweł Rutkowski (ed.), Ikoniczność w gramatyce i leksyce polskiego języka migowego (PJM) [Iconicity in the grammar and lexicon of Polish Sign Language (PJM)] (Lingwistyka Migowa w Polsce / Sign Linguistics in Poland: 1), Warsaw: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Polish Studies, 236 pages, ISBN: 978-83-64111-90-7 (print), 978-83-64111-86-0 (PDF). Download as PDF
  • 2016: Joanna Łacheta, Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil, Jadwiga Linde-Usiekniewicz, Paweł Rutkowski (eds.), Korpusowy słownik polskiego języka migowego [Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language], Warsaw: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Polish Studies, 2876 pages, ISBN: 978-83-64111-49-5 (online publication:
  • 2015: Paweł Rutkowski (ed.), Signs and Structures: Formal Approaches to Sign Language Syntax (Benjamins Current Topics: 71), Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 143 pages, ISBN: 978-90-27242-59-4 (paper), 978-90-27268-49-5 (e-book).
  • 2014: Paweł Rutkowski, Sylwia Łozińska (eds.), Lingwistyka przestrzeni i ruchu. Komunikacja migowa a metody korpusowe [Linguistics of space and movement. Sign language communication and corpus methods], Warsaw: Wydział Polonistyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 220 pages, ISBN: 978-83-64111-12-9 (paper), 978-83-64111-85-3 (e-book). Download as PDF
  • 2013: Paweł Rutkowski (ed.), Sign Language Syntax from a Formal Perspective. Selected Papers from the 2012 Warsaw FEAST, Sign Language & Linguistics (16.2), Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 174 pages, ISSN: 1387-9316.
2nd November, 2015 – article on the negation in Polish Sign Language

It is our pleasure to inform that in the volume “Methodologies in linguistics. From dialectology to dialectic.” (in : Łódzkie Studia z Językoznawstwa Angielskiego i Ogólnego, nr 4, red. Piotr Stalmaszczyk, Łódź: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego) appeared an article by PLM researchers.

1st October, 2015 – electronic version of “Space and motion linguistics” volume

We are happy to share an electronic version of “Space and motion linguistics. Signed communication and corpus methods” volume edited by Paweł Rutkowski and Sylwia Łozińska.

28th – 29th September, 2015 – presentations at 73rd conference of Polish Linguistic Society in Kielce

From 28th – 29th September, 2015 at the University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce took place the 73rd Congress of the Polish Linguistic Society entitled ""Granice interpretacji lingwistycznej" (“The limits of interpretation”).

During the event two speeches concerning Polish Sign Language have been presented.

21st September, 2015 – a book edited by Rutkowski

A book "Signs and Structures. Formal Approaches to Sign Language Syntax" edited by Paweł Rutkowski has been issued by John Benjamins publishing house.

For more information about the book go to the publisher website.

Film by Foundation for Polish Science

The film directed by Foundation for Polish Science concerning the studies conducted by Paweł Rutkowski and PLM (our Section)

28th July, 2015 – film on the Section for Sign Linguistics

Enjoy the film on research of Paweł Rutkowski (PhD) and our Section’s team.

It has been directed by the Foundation for Polish Science, the organiser of START, FOCUS, MENTORING, and INTER programmes of which Rutkowski is a laureate.


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