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30 November, 2012 – IV semantic conference

On the 30, November 2012 the IV Semantic Conference took place at the Faculty of Polish Language of the University of Warsaw.

26 October, 2012 – our informants

We have the honour to present the people who have contributed to the recording process of the corpus of PJM.

18 October, 2012 – dr Paweł Rutkowski as a prize-winner of the INTER contest

We are proud to inform that dr Paweł Rutkowski, the head of the Section For Sign Linguistics, became the winner of the INTER contest organized by the Foundation For Polish Science.

18 November, 2012 - the final of INTER

The head of PLM dr Paweł Rutkowski takes part in the final of INTER contest organised by the Foundation for Polish Science (University of Warsaw Library BUW, 56/66 Dobra
Street, 18 October 2012). In the short speech he will present interdisciplinary research project on neurobiological foundations of sign classifying predicates.

Third edition of Polish Sign Language (PJM) Postgraduate Studies

Faculty of Polish Studies of the University of Warsaw is honoured to invite you to the third edition of “Polish Sign Language” Postgraduate Studies (2013-2014).

6 October, 2012 - International Interpreter’s Day

Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters (STPJM) has a pleasure to invite you to the International Interpreter’s Day – the so called ”Hieronimki”. It will take place on 6 th October in the former residence of the UW’s Institute of Applied Linguistics at 8/10 Browarna Street

27 August, 2012 − applications for the studies

Thank you for all the applications for corpus studies and research on CODA bilingualism via our website so far. Extra information will be sent to all interested persons via e-mail.

PLM associate organizations

Institute of Polish Sign Language - the association promoting and studying sign language of the Polish Deaf community

Deaf Culture Promotion Foundation KOKON - the organization supporting the development of sign language and the Deaf culture

Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters - the first in Poland organization of sign language interpreters


Sign Language Studies - international magazine devoted to sign linguistics

Sign Language & Linguistics - international magazine dealing with sign linguistics

Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education - international magazine concerned with sign linguistics, as well as the culture and education of the Deaf community

Materials and bibliography

Sign Language Resources - website gathering information about the conducted researches on various sign languages

International Bibliography of Sign Language

Sign Language Linguistics Society - MA Theses & PhD Dissertations


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