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Sign language corpora

British Sign Language Corpus Project - British Sign Language (BSL) corpus

Corpus NGT - Netherlands Sign Language (NGT) corpus

DGS-Korpus - German Sign Language (DGS) corpus

Sign language on-line dictionaries

HANDSPEAK - American Sign Language (ASL) dictionary

LLENGUA DE SIGNES CATALANA (LSC) - Catalonian Sign Language dictionary

DICTIONNAIRE VIDÉO DE LA LSF - French Sign Language dictionary

Tools for corpus analysis (and not only)

ELAN - programme for transcribing sign language recordings

SignStream - programme for transcribing sign language recordings

HamNoSys - programme for the phonetic transcription of signs

5 August, 2012 - research on CODA bilingualism

The Section for Sign Linguistics of the University of Warsaw and the Psychology of Language and Bilingualism Lab "LangUsta" of the Jagiellonian University have started a joint project on Polish CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults).

Marcin Daszkiewicz

Deaf by birth, he is a teacher of PJM (Polish Sign Language) at the University of Warsaw, as well as a lecturer in ”Deaf Culture” subject area at “Polish Sign Language” Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Polish Studies

Michał Grojs

Deaf by birth he is a grammar consultant and an annotator of Polish Sign language.

Monika Grojs

Deaf, grammar consultant and annotator.

Bernard Kinow

A student of the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw. CODA. Research Interests: grammar of the PJM (Polish Sign Language), Sign Language Translation.

Dorota Lewandowska

Deaf, grammar consultant and annotator.


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