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Joanna Łacheta

Congenitally deaf, working in the Institute for the Deaf (primary and secondary school). PhD student at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Polish Studies.

Joanna Łagodzińska

Deaf, grammar consultant and annotator.

Sylwia Łozińska (Fabisiak), PhD

PhD at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Polish Studies, Institute of Polish Language. Hearing. Research interests: sign language morphology and semantics, diachronic and comparative research in the area of visual-spatial communication, sign language poetry.

Piotr Mostowski

PhD student of Polish Language Institute Faculty of Polish Studies UW, Lecturer of Polish (majored in Polish Glottodidactics). Hearing, is learning PJM (Polish Sign Language) for 4 years.


Gallaudet University - the first in the word university offering lectures in sign language

World Map of Sign Language Research

Institut für Deutsche Gebärdensprache und Kommunikation Gehörloser - Hamburg (Germany) unit concerned with sign linguistics

Deaf Culture

The Rev. J. Falkowski Instiute for the Dea - the oldest in Poland educational institution for children and the youth with hearing impairment

ONSI - Internet TV for the Deaf

Instytut Historii Głuchych - foundation dealing with the Deaf’ history

FEAST conference programme

We are pleased to inform that we have finally got to know the agenda of “Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory (FEAST 2012).

February 2012 − ongoing works on PJM corpus

Currently, after establishing the procedure for the choice of informants, eliciting and annotating texts and equipping the studio, the recordings of the Deaf informants are being held.



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