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5 August, 2013 − TOK FM broadcast

On 5th August, 2013 Paweł Rutkowski was Cezary Łasiczka’s guest in TOK FM radio. The meeting was concerned with the Deaf and sign language in Poland.

Radio broadcast (TOK FM)

Radio broadcast featuring Paweł Rutkowski - Radio TOK FM (August 5, 2013) [in Polish]

10-13 July, 2013 – TISLR 11 conference

From 10th to 13th, July 2013 the 11th edition of TISLR (Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research) conference took place in London. It is said to be the biggest and the most prestigious conference regarding world sign languages. Several members of our Section participated in the conference.

7-9 July, 2013 - TISLR 11 summer school

From 7th to 9th, July 2013 the members of our Section: Joanna Filipczak, Bernard Kinow, Anna Kuder, and Joanna Łacheta participated in summer school of TISLR 11 (Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research) conference.

5 July, 2013- Polish Radio1 broadcast on Polish Sign Language

On the 5th, July 2013 Paweł Rutkowski was a guest on Polish Radio 1 “Wieczór odkrywców” programme. The main topic was Polish Sign Language. Feel welcome to familiarize yourself with the broadcast’s content.

Radio broadcast (Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia)

Radio broadcast featuring Paweł Rutkowski - Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia (July 5, 2013) [in Polish].

17-19 June, 2013 r. - corpus workshops

From 17th to 19th, June at the University of Warsaw a workshop “The role of corpora in sign communication research: interdisciplinary approach” took place. It was organized by Section for Sign Linguistics in cooperation with Foundation for Polish Science.


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