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30th September 2017 – Bicentennial of the Institute for the Deaf

On 23 September 2017, during an international conference to celebrate the bicentennial of the Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw (entitled "The deaf and the hard of hearing in the perspective of tradition, the present and the future"), Dr Paweł Rutkowski presented a paper entitled "Textbooks in Polish Sign Language". The first, fourth and seventh grade textbooks in Polish Sign Language are now available through the Educational Information System of the Ministry of Education. Congratulations to the Institute for the Deaf on its 200th anniversary!

29th September 2017 – Dr Rutkowski presents at the Linguistic Engineering Group seminar

We are proud to announce that on 2 October (Monday) at 10:15am during the first seminar of the 2017-2018 academic year, entitled "Natural Language Processing" (PAS Institute of Computer Science at ul. Jana Kazimierza 5 in Warsaw, ground floor), Dr Paweł Rutkowski will give a lecture on "Polish sign language from the perspective of corpus linguistics".
Lecture summary: "Polish Sign Language is a fully functional visual-spatial language used by the deaf community in Poland. Its origins date back to the 1820s, when the first school for the deaf was established in Poland. Until recently, it was rarely included in linguistic research. The purpose of this lecture is to present a research project aimed at developing a comprehensive and representative corpus of Polish Sign Language.

19th September 2017 – 2017 eLex Conference

Dr Paweł Rutkowski is in the Netherlands at the eLex Conference 2017. We are pleased to announce that the lecture "Sign language as a challenge to electronic lexicography: The Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language and beyond", which he will present tomorrow (20 September) at 5:00pm, will be broadcast live (along with International Sign translation) on the conference’s YouTube channel.

15th September 2017 – educational materials for fourth and seventh grades

We are pleased to announce that educational materials for children with special needs are now available in the Educational Information System of the Ministry of Education (including Polish Sign Language translations), which were developed by the Section for Sign Linguistics based on a dozen textb

25th August 2017 – journal article in Horyzonty Wychowania

The latest issue of the education journal "Horyzonty Wychowania" includes an article written by Sylwia Łozińska and Pawel Rutkowski, entitled "Sign Language, the source of social memory for the Deaf", available here (in Polish).

19th August 2017 – Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language on

The international website (the database of key contemporary European dictionaries) added the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language to its database:

1st August 2017 – article in Kernerman Dictionary News

The latest issue of the journal Kernerman Dictionary News (devoted to the latest developments in lexicography) discusses Dr. Paweł Rutkowski’s winning of the Adam Kilgarriff Prize. The issue also carries a text by Paweł Rutkowski entitled “The Corpus of Polish Sign Language and the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language”, available here.

25th July 2017 – conference in Birmingham

On 24 July, one of the plenary sessions at the international workshop entitled "Corpus-based approaches to sign language linguistics: Into the second decade" was a paper entitled "Lexical frequency in Polish Sign Language: A corpus-based study" (by Piotr Mostowski, Joanna Filipczak, Anna Kuder and Paweł Rutkowski). It presented the latest observations concerning the frequency of occurrence of individual PJM signs in the PJM corpus. Interestingly, during the workshop it became clear that the size of the PJM corpus being developed by the Section for Sign Linguistics at the University of Warsaw recently caught up to that of the world’s largest sign language corpus, the DGS corpus developed in Hamburg. The two corpora now each have 425 000 annotated signs.

These workshops dealing with sign languages (involving leading specialists in the field of corpus linguistics) are part of the 9th International Corpus Linguistics Conference taking place in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

21st July 2017 – workshop for new corpus annotators

Summer is in full swing, university students are off on summer break, the University itself is empty… but we at the Section for Sign Linguistics are certainly not slowing down or resting on our laurels. Today we held workshops for candidates to become new annotators. Our potential new associates found out what the PJM corpus is, what it looks like, and they learned about how the annotation process works. The workshops were led by the ever-reliable Joanna Filipczak, Joanna Rydzewska Łagodzińska, Magda Schromová, Iwona Krawczuk, Monika Krawczyk, Natalia Pietrzak, and Monika Lament. We thank everyone for all their efforts and we hope for fruitful collaboration in the future!

14th July 2017 – "Nasz język polski 3.2"

The latest book for primary school education adapted for Deaf students, “Nasz język polski 3.2” by Emilia Danowska-Florczyk and Piotr Mostowski, has now become available. The book is primarily designed for use by Deaf students who have not attained the same degree of fluency in Polish as their hearing peers. Please help us spread the word to all primary teachers who work with Deaf students, and you can have a look at the publication yourself.


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