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The iconicity in grammar and lexis of the PSL (PJM)

"The iconicity in grammar and lexis of the Polish Sign Language (PJM)" a three-year (2012-2014) grant financed by the National Science Centre.


Project "Unraveling the grammars of European sign languages: pathways to full citizenship of deaf signers and to the protection of their linguistic heritage" within The European Commission financed program COST - European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (campaign IS1006).

EuroSign Interpreter

University of Warsaw represented by the Section for Sign Linguistics has become the fourth partner to the EuroSign Interpreter Project – an international initiative supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme.

9 June, 2012 - after the FEAST

The Section for Sign Linguistics organized "Warsaw FEAST - Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory", an international conference devoted to the linguistic analysis of sign languages.

14 May, 2012 - honorary patronage over FEAST

It is our pleasure to inform that the Rector of the University of Warsaw, prof. Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow has agreed to assume honorary patronage over the Warsaw FEAST - Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory conference.

25-27 November, 2011 - ESI course

On the 25-27 November 2011, a pilot course on interpreting between sign languages realised as a part of the international project called Euro Sign Interpreter took place in Warsaw.

27-28 August, 2011- GMG3 conference

Conference "Głusi Mają Głos 3" (GMG3)/"the Deaf Have Voice 3" (organizers: the Institute of Polish Sign Language and the KOKON Foundation)

15 May, 2011 - SLiP conference

International conference "Sign Linguistics in Poland" (SLiP-1), venue: Auditorium Maximum, University of Warsaw.

8-11 February, 2011 - workshop in Hamburg

Visit of the members of the Section for Sign Linguistics in the Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf at the University of Hamburg.



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