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18th January 2017 – popular-science article in 'Academia' magazine

A popular-science article by Paweł Rutkowski on the Deaf in Poland and on Polish Sign Language (PJM) has been published (in Polish) in 'Academia: The Magazine of the Polish Academy of Sciences'. An English version is on the way soon!

11th January 2017 – study on rhythm processing in the brain

The results of a recent study on rhythm processing in the brains of hearing and Deaf individuals, carried out by Jagiellonian University scholars with our modest involvement, are discussed in a research article just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (with Paweł Rutkowski and Piotr Mostowski from our Section for Sign Linguistics as co-authors). The findings are also discussed in a press article, a radio program, and a film (all in Polish).

10th January 2017 – Professor Trevor Johnston back in Warsaw

A month and a half have passed since Prof. Trevor Johnston last visited, and he is now once again back in Warsaw. Yesterday we had the first working meeting to kick off two weeks of hard work together, dealing with various issues of the PJM corpus. We are extremely pleased to have him back with us.

23rd December 2016 – Czech-Polish project secures funding

The Czech association “Neslyšící s nadějí” received a subsidy from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the project “Tichý svět blízkých sousedů” (“The Quiet World of Close Neighbors”), under the framework of the Czech-Polish forum. The Section for Sign Linguistics is the Polish partner of the project.

16th December 2016 – award for Paweł Rutkowski

We are very pleased to announce that the head of the Section for Sign Linguistics, Dr. Paweł Rutkowski, today won the Adam Kilgarriff Prize, a prestigious international award. It is given to young scholars (up to age 40) working in corpus linguistics, computer linguistics, or lexicography. More information available at:

16th December 2016 – scholarship for Małgorzata Talipska

Once again this year, Małgorzata Talipska, a member of the research team of the Section for Sign Linguistics, has won a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for outstanding research achievements. We congratulate her on her continued are keeping our fingers crossed for her further career!

13th December 2016 – journal article in "Prace Bałtystyczne"

The latest issue of the journal "Prace Bałtystyczne" carries an article on sign language communication in the Baltic countries (“Komunikacja migowa Głuchych w krajach bałtyckich: perspektywa lingwistyczna”) by Joanna Bożeńska, Emilia Pomiankiewicz and Paweł Rutkowski from the Section for Sign Linguistics. It is available (in Polish) on line in the Polish version of the post.

11th December 2016 – scholarship for Marek Śmietana

We are pleased to note that Marek Ł. Śmietana from the Section for Sign Linguistics has received one of the university rector’s scholarships for the top students of the 2016/2017 academic year. Our congratulations!

9th December 2016 – visit to the University of York

At the invitation of Prof. Giuseppe Longobardi, Dr. Pawel Rutkowski paid a visit to the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York on 5-9 December. There he took part in meetings on the syntactic research being done by Prof. Longobardi’s team and delivered a lecture entitled “Corpus-based research on sign language syntax: The case of Polish Sign Language (PJM)”.

5th December 2016 – textbook for Deaf primary-school students

We have just finished work on the latest book in a series of publications issued in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education. “Nasz język polski 3.2”, by Emilia Danowska-Florczyk and Piotr Mostowski, is a primary-school textbook particularly useful for working with Deaf students, whose fluency in Polish is not as high as their hearing peers. The book will be distributed by the Ministry, but we are already making it available here. We ask you to please spread help the word to teachers working with Deaf students.


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