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11th October 2016 – new Deaf-related Polish words recognized

We are pleased to report that the "Language Observatory" at the University of Warsaw, which keeps track of the latest newcomers to the Polish lexicon, has recently cataloged the terms audyzm ("audism"), CODA, KODA, and kodak (for "child of deaf adult") and Głuchy (the capitalized form of the adjective "Deaf"). That shows that these words have now carved out a certain place for themselves in the Polish language, presumably as a reflection of growing public awareness of the underlying issues.
The definitions (in Polish) are available below.

7th October 2016 – inaugural lecture by Dr. Rutkowski

The inaugural lecture given to launch the 2016/2017 academic year at the University of Warsaw, by Dr. Paweł Rutkowski, is now available online here. The ceremony and lecture, which was streamed live and can now be viewed on the University’s YouTube channel, was interpreted live into PJM.

5th October 2016 – conference on "Effective Inclusive Education"

On 7 October 2016, the Polish Ministry of National Education will hold an international conference on “Effective Inclusive Education” involving experts from the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. The objective of the conference was to facilitate the exchanging of experience and the promotion of good practices helping to boost the effectiveness of inclusive education for all students – both those with special education needs, and their fully-abled peers. The conference was transmitted online, together with live interpretation into PJM.

4th October 2016 – new academic year inaugurated

The 2016/2017 academic year has now been inaugurated by His Magnificence, the Rector Marcin Pałys. So inspired, we have now set about our research work with renewed energy in this new academic year. Some photos from the event are available in the Polish version of the post.

30th September 2016 – new corpus logo

To mark the occasion of our 50th studio recording session of material for the PJM corpus, we are reactivating its Facebook page! To get the ball rolling, we are unveiling the new logo of the corpus. If you like it, we'd appreciate it if you could take a moment to give it a “thumbs-up”!

26th September 2016 – COST report

We are proud to learn that the latest COST report (European Cooperation in Science & Technology) entitled "Investing in Europe's diversity" cited the SignGram action, which the Section for Sign Linguistics participated in, as an example of a very successful research project.

24th September 2016 – 70th anniversary of the Polish Association of the Deaf

The Section for Sign Linguistics has received a commemorative statuette in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Polish Association of the Deaf (PZG) and 140th anniversary of the Deaf Movement in Poland. Grateful for this token of appreciation for our research work, we congratulate the Association on this momentous anniversary!

24th September 2016 – International Day of the Deaf

Today is International Day of the Deaf! To mark the occasion, the Polish Association of the Deaf prepared the huge campaign entitled “Poland is All Ears” [Polska zamienia się w słuch], an initiative which we fully support. Have a look at the television programs and online ads prepared especially for the event.

23th September 2016 – check out the "Widzi-mi-się" project

We would like to encourage everyone interested to take part in the “Widzi-mi-się: Fotografia dla dzieci” project involving photography for children. The events making up the project will be translated into PJM.

21th September 2016 – inauguration of the new academic year

We take pride in reporting that this year’s inaugural lecture kicking off the new academic year at the University of Warsaw will be delivered by none other than our section leader, Dr. Paweł Rutkowski! We congratulate Paweł on receiving the honor. The lecture, entitled “The Right to Language”, will take place on 30 September at the Auditorium Maximum and will be translated into PJM!


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