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19th September 2016 – interview on deaf culture in "Przewodnik Katolicki"

An interview which Dr. Paweł Rutkowski gave (in Polish) to the weekly magazine "Przewodnik Katolicki", discussing Deaf culture and the importance of sign language, is available here.

17th September 2016 – "De-Sign Bilingual" study

Preliminary results have been released from the two-year study entitled "De-Sign Bilingual", under which data was gathered in 39 European countries about Deaf education taking place in a bilingual configuration (systematically using both a spoken language and a sign language). Note that this approach is now being successfully applied in more and more schools in Europe. The latest data is available in the form of maps.

9th September 2016 – article on parts of speech in the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language

A new paper on issues in PJM lexicography, by Jadwiga Linde-Usiekniewicz and Paweł Rutkowski, entitled “The division into parts of speech in the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language", which the authors delivered at the 17th International EURALEX Congress, is available here.

7th September 2016 – lab meeting at the Nencki Institute

On 7 September, members of the Section for Sign Linguistics took part in the first lab meeting after the summer vacation at the Laboratory of Brain Imaging (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences), at which Justyna Kotowicz from the Jagiellonian University and Pedagogical University in Kraków delivered a lecture on “Executive functions and Polish Sign Language”.
Thanks for the inspiring meeting!

5th September 2016 – FEAST conference

On 1-2 September, the fifth edition of the "Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign language Theory" (FEAST) conference took place in Venice.

A representative of the Section for Sign Linguistics, Magda Schromová, together with Justyna Kotowicz from the Jagiellonian University and Pedagogical University in Kraków and also Bencie Woll, Rosalind Herman, Maria Kielar-Turska and Joanna Łacheta, presented a joint paper entitled: "The relationship between Executive Function and sign language skills in school-aged deaf children". The paper discusses the results of research on the link between higher cognitive functions (executive functions) and PJM competence in Deaf children.


4th September 2016 – publication of the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language

In connection with the fifth edition of the “Głusi Mają Głos” (The Deaf Have a Voice) conference, held under the patronage of the Section for Sign Linguistics, we are proud to present the outcome of several years of work: the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language. Our team created the dictionary from the ground up, and it is making its debut today!
The dictionary is already freely accessible online at

We encourage you to delve right in and give it a try!

22th August 2016 – "Signs and Structures" review

Volume 16:4 of the journal Sign Language Studies (one of the leading international periodicals devoted to sign linguistics) carries a review of the book Signs and Structures edited by Paweł Rutkowski (head of the Section for Sign Linguistics). The review, written by Vadim Kimmelman from the University of Amsterdam, is available here.

19th August 2016 – interview in connection with FNP's 25th anniversary

Did you know that the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), one of our grant providers, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year? The occasion is being celebrated with a cycle of interviews with prominent FNP grant-winners. One of those interviews featured our very own Dr. Paweł Rutkowski, available here (in English).

18th August 2016 – map of sign language research centers

We present a map of research centers in the world studying sign linguistics. Note how the Section for Sign Linguistics, University of Warsaw, is one of just a few such research units in Central and Eastern Europe dealing with the subject.

12th August 2016 – interview on Polish Radio Program 2

Dr. Paweł Rutkowski will be giving an interview to Katarzyna Kobylecka on 12 August 2016 at 10:30 PM on Polish Radio Program 2, in the "Treasury of Polish Science" series.



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