PLM associate organizations

Institute of Polish Sign Language - the association promoting and studying sign language of the Polish Deaf community

Deaf Culture Promotion Foundation KOKON - the organization supporting the development of sign language and the Deaf culture

Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters - the first in Poland organization of sign language interpreters


Sign Language Studies - international magazine devoted to sign linguistics

Sign Language & Linguistics - international magazine dealing with sign linguistics

Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education - international magazine concerned with sign linguistics, as well as the culture and education of the Deaf community

Materials and bibliography

Sign Language Resources - website gathering information about the conducted researches on various sign languages

International Bibliography of Sign Language

Sign Language Linguistics Society - MA Theses & PhD Dissertations

Sign language corpora

British Sign Language Corpus Project - British Sign Language (BSL) corpus

Corpus NGT - Netherlands Sign Language (NGT) corpus

DGS-Korpus - German Sign Language (DGS) corpus

Sign language on-line dictionaries

HANDSPEAK - American Sign Language (ASL) dictionary

LLENGUA DE SIGNES CATALANA (LSC) - Catalonian Sign Language dictionary

DICTIONNAIRE VIDÉO DE LA LSF - French Sign Language dictionary

Tools for corpus analysis (and not only)

ELAN - programme for transcribing sign language recordings

SignStream - programme for transcribing sign language recordings

HamNoSys - programme for the phonetic transcription of signs


Gallaudet University - the first in the word university offering lectures in sign language

World Map of Sign Language Research

Institut für Deutsche Gebärdensprache und Kommunikation Gehörloser - Hamburg (Germany) unit concerned with sign linguistics

Deaf Culture

The Rev. J. Falkowski Instiute for the Dea - the oldest in Poland educational institution for children and the youth with hearing impairment

ONSI - Internet TV for the Deaf

Instytut Historii Głuchych - foundation dealing with the Deaf’ history

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