13th July 2016 – launch of recording work for sign-language versions of fifth-grade school textbooks

Work is now underway on creating sign-language versions of the fifth-grade textbooks used in Polish schools. The Section for Sign Linguistics has been commissioned by the Ministry of National Education to prepare Polish Sign Language (PJM) translations of textbooks used for teaching Polish, mathematics, natural science, and English.

5th July 2016 – Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson

On 5 July, Warsaw was visited by Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson from Islandic University in Reykjavík, who studies Islandic Sign Language (íslenskt táknmál, ÍTM). His meeting with Paweł Rutkowski offered an opportunity for discussion about the grammatical structure of sign languages.

27th June 2016 – Agata Karaśkiewicz’s MA defense

Agata Karaśkiewicz, an associate of the Section for Sign Linguistics, today defended her master’s thesis, a comparative study of aspects of narrative discourse in Polish Sign Language (PJM) and Polish. The thesis, which utilized data from the PJM corpus created by the Section for Sign Linguistics, earned her top marks.
We extend our congratulations!

25th June 2016 – more workshops with STPJM

Weekend workshops in conjunction with the Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters (STPJM) are gradually becoming a regular tradition. This was the third such event, and as usual it was very successful. Thanks for helping us discover more and more about PJM!

20th June 2016 – Polish textbook for Deaf primary-school students

We have just finished work on the latest book in a series of publications issued in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education. “Nasz język polski 2.2”, by Emilia Danowska-Florczyk and Piotr Mostowski, is a primary-school textbook particularly useful for working with Deaf students, whose fluency in Polish is not as high as their hearing peers. The book will be distributed by the Ministry, but we are already making it available here. Please spread the word to teachers working with Deaf students.

17th June 2016 – functionalities of the "Nasz Elementarz" textbook adaptation

It is with great pride that we present a film on featured aspects of the multimedia adaptation of the textbook “Nasz elementarz”. The Section for Sign Linguistics has adapted the primary-school education textbook for use with Deaf pupils. The film has English subtitles, in view of the great interest in the project from Deaf people outside Poland.

15th June 2016 – adaptation of the textbook "Nasz Elementarz" with PJM translation now downloadable

In response to many inquiries concerning school textbooks translated into PJM, we’d like to remind you that multimedia (signed) adaptations of the books currently being used in grades I-III are available on the Ministry of National Education’s website.
Please spread the word to people who may be interested. Unfortunately, we are hearing reports that many Deaf students and their teachers do not know that the signed adaptations created by the Section for Sign Linguistics are available free of charge.

11th June 2016 – summary of the academic year

This past Friday we officially drew the 2015/2016 academic year to a close! Members and friends of the Section for Sign Linguistics met on a riverside beach in Warsaw to sum up this year’s achievements – and there were quite a number of them. We’d like to thank everyone for 10 months of hard work, and we are happy you are with us! We hope to meet again in the new academic year, in numbers at least as great. Take a look at some photos from the event.

10th June 2016 – guest from the Czech Republic

On 10 June, the Section for Sign Linguistics hosted Roman Lupoměský, chairman of the Czech association "Neslyšící s nadějí". The discussion considered possible cooperation in organizing Polish-Czech conferences dealing with the Deaf community and sign languages. Thanks for the inspiring visit!

6th June 2016 – school textbooks translated into PJM

We have spent several months working hard, and at long last we can proudly show off the results!

On 6 June, the Institute for Special Pedagogy of the Pedagogical University in Kraków organized a conference and research seminar entitled “Who is a deaf education specialist, and who should they be?” Paweł Rutkowski delivered a presentation on the project carried out by the Section for Sign Linguistics, at the behest of the Ministry of National Education, to translate fourth-grade and seventh-grade school textbooks.

5th June 2016 – Interdisciplinary Conference on the Study of Language

On 5 June, as part of the “Interdisciplinary Conference on the Study of Language”, organized by the Interdisciplinary Group for the Study of Language affiliated with the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, Paweł Rutkowski delivered an introductory lecture entitled “On interdisciplinarity in research on signed communication”. The conference also included a workshop on Polish Sign Language (PJM) led by Piotr Krzysztofiak.

4th June 2016 – "Breaking the Silence" conference

On 4 June, Paweł Rutkowski was a guest at the "Breaking the silence” conference organized at the Infant Jesus Hospital in Warsaw, as part of the Standing Program for Medical Education (SCOME) of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) branch in Warsaw.

30th May 2016 – corpus workshop

We’ve had another hardworking weekend! On Saturday and Sunday we hosted candidates to become new annotators for the PJM corpus – one of the largest sign language corpora in the world.

21th May 2016 – next workshop with STPJM

For a second time we organized interpreting workshops in conjunction with the Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters (STPJM). We are very pleased that our collaborative ties continue to develop, and glad that the PJM corpus is being used in line with it intended purpose. We’ve posted some photos and a short film from the event.

21th May 2016 – article on the “Science in Poland” website

Another article (in Polish) about PJM, in connection with the University of Warsaw’s 200th anniversary, can be found here.

18th May 2016 – interview on Radio Kampus

Dr. Pawel Rutkowski gave a short interview to Radio Kampus in connection with the 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw.

16th May 2016 – Prof. Karen Emmorey in Warsaw

On 15 May 2016 we held a first meeting involving Professor Karen Emmorey from San Diego State University and members of the Laboratory of Brain Imaging (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences) and the Sign Language Section. We talked about PJM-related projects underway at the University of Warsaw – the corpus, dictionary, and school textbook adaptations we are working on.

13th May 2016 – the "I’m from UW" conference

We are proud that today’s lecture by Dr. Paweł Rutkowski at the “I’m from UW” conference entitled “They began talking 199 years ago” proved to be such a great success. We are pleased that more and more people know what PJM is, and that we are helping to spread awareness of it.

5th May 2016 – looking forward to the “I’m from UW” celebratory conference

On 13 May, a conference entitled “I’m from UW” will be held in connection with the University of Warsaw’s 200-year anniversary and the World Congress of UW Alumni. One of the invited speakers will be our own Dr. Paweł Rutkowski, whose address is slated for 10:25 a.m. It will be interpreted into Polish Sign Language (PJM). We are proud that our Section for Sign Linguistics will be represented at such a prestigious event!

5th May 2016 – CLOW2 conference

On 5 May, Dr. Paweł Rutkowski delivered a presentation on the sociolinguistic condition of Polish Sign Language (PJM) at the “Contested Languages in the Old World (CLOW2)” conference in Turin, Italy. This conference is a forum for discussion and interaction between linguistics, political scientists, writers, activists, and other experts dealing with the current status and future prospects of minority languages not fully recognized by the legal systems of the countries where they are used. Other languages considered in contributions to the conference included Basque, Piedmontese, Liv, Kashubian, Sardinian, and Llanito. One of the topics of the conference was about creating corpora for minority languages.


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