3th December, 2013 – TV programme with Bernard Kin

Bernard Kinow from Section for Sign Linguistics has been a guest to “Zapraszamy na kawę” programme on TVR Regionalna channel on 3th December, 2013.

27th November, 2013 - programmes’ transcripts

We are pleased to present on our website the transcripts of radio programmes in which PLM members have participated.

2 November 2013 - another broadcast on PJM in Radio TOK FM

On November 2, 2013 Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil and Paweł Rutkowski from the Section for Sign Linguistics were Karolina Głowacka’s guests in Radio TOK FM. The discussion was devoted to a number of issues related to the education of the Deaf.

27-29 October 2013 - conference in Barcelona

On October 27-29, 2013, the University of Barcelona, Spain, hosted the "4th World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Educational Leadership". It featured a poster entitled "The corpus based approach in teaching Polish Sign Language as a foreign language", presented by Piotr Mostowski.

19 October 2013 - Radio TOK FM broadcast

On October 19, 2013 Aleksandra Kalata-Zawłocka, Paweł Rutkowski and Krzysztof Kosiński were Karolina Głowacka’s guests in TOK FM radio. The discussion was focused on issues related to sign language interpreting and interpreters.

16 October, 2013 – Rutkowski on TVP Warszawa TV

On 16 October, 2013 Paweł Rutkowski (PhD) has been a guest on Krzysztof Michalski’s „Let’s talk about science” programme (on TVP Warszawa channel).

5 October, 2013 – International Translation Day

Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters is glad to invite you to the celebration of International Translation Day, the so called St. Jerome’s Feast, which will take place on 5 October at the Institute of Applied Linguistics UW at Dobra 55 street.

30 September, 2013 – article on PLM in “The University of Warsaw” magazine

An article on PJM’s corpus being construed by our Section appeared in the newest issue of “The University of Warsaw” magazine (issue 5, October 2013 ).

29 August - 1 September 2013 - 44. Poznań Linguistic Meeting

The program of the 44. Poznań Linguistic Meeting 2013 included a talk authored by Paweł Rutkowski, Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil, Joanna Łacheta and Anna Kuder from the Section of Sign Linguistics.

16 August 2013 - Kiyoshi Kawaguchi in Warsaw

In July and August 2013, the Section for Sign Linguistics was visited by Kiyoshi Kawaguchi, a Deaf scholar from Japan.

14 August 2013 - Radio Kampus broadcast

On August 14, Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil and Paweł Rutkowski from the Section for Sign Linguistics were interviewed by Karolina Bińkowska on Akademickie Radio Kampus.

8 August, 2013 − Polish Radio 24 programme

On 8th August, 2013 Paweł Rutkowski has been Maria Furdyna’s guest on Polish Radio 24.

5 August, 2013 − TOK FM broadcast

On 5th August, 2013 Paweł Rutkowski was Cezary Łasiczka’s guest in TOK FM radio. The meeting was concerned with the Deaf and sign language in Poland.

10-13 July, 2013 – TISLR 11 conference

From 10th to 13th, July 2013 the 11th edition of TISLR (Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research) conference took place in London. It is said to be the biggest and the most prestigious conference regarding world sign languages. Several members of our Section participated in the conference.



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