23th November 2016 – medals for UW's 200th anniversary

On 23 November, a gala event was held to mark the University of Warsaw's 200-year anniversary, at which "Medals for the 200th Anniversary of the University of Warsaw" were ceremoniously awarded. We take great pleasure in the fact that one of the medal-winners was Professor Marek Świdziński, without whose invaluable, pioneering efforts through the 1990s today's research on PJM and even the Section for Sign Linguistics itself would not exist. We were thrilled to see such esteemed recognition of Prof. Świdziński's years of hard work. Moreover, we are pleased to report that the head of the Section for Sign Linguistics, Dr. Paweł Rutkowski, also received a medal.
Here's hoping that this marks the beginning of another 200 years of sign language research at the University of Warsaw!