4-7 January 2016 – TISLR 12 conference

On 4-7 January 2016, the 12th edition of the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research conference was held at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

We are proud that four different poster presentations were made by members of the University of Warsaw’s Section for Sign Linguistics:
– The frequency of fingerspelling, classifiers, and pointing signs in the corpus of Polish Sign Language (PJM): A preliminary sociolinguistic study (by Piotr Mostowski, Joanna Filipczak, Anna Kuder and Paweł Rutkowski),
– A diachronic analysis of the morpho-phonological development of high-frequency lexemes in Polish Sign Language (by Sylwia Łozińska, Joanna Filipczak, Anna Kuder, Piotr Mostowski and Paweł Rutkowski),
– Spreading of headshake in Polish Sign Language (by Anna Kuder, Joanna Filipczak, Piotr Mostowski and Paweł Rutkowski),
– Polish Sign Language and executive function in deaf bilingual children in late childhood (by Justyna Kotowicz, Bencie Woll, Rosalind Herman, Maria Kielar-Turska, Magda Schromova and Joanna Łacheta).