2 May 2016 – lecture by Karen Emmorey in Warsaw

On 20 May 2016, Prof. Karen Emmorey, one of the top sign language researchers in the United States, will deliver a lecture on “The neurobiology of language: Perspectives from sign language” (another appearance by her can be viewed here). It will take place at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology (at the address of ul. Pasteura 3 in Warsaw), in room no. 1 at noon.

Here is an abstract:
“The study of sign languages provides a powerful tool for investigating the neurobiology of human language. Signed languages differ dramatically from spoken languages with respect to linguistic articulators and perceptual systems required for comprehension. Are the same key brain areas involved in producing and comprehending spoken and signed languages? Does the brain distinguish between gesture and sign? Does the biology of linguistic expression affect the brain bases of spatial language? The ‘yes’ answers to these questions show that the human brain is designed for linguistic functions, regardless of the sensory-motor properties of language.”

Attendance to this important event is open to the public, but in view of the limited space we ask you to confirm attendance by emailing us at plm@uw.edu.pl by 11 May. The lecture will be translated into Polish Sign Language (PJM), if interested attendees report such a need by 11 May.