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22th April 2016 – looking for new team members

The Section for Sign Linguistics is looking for new annotators for working with the Polish Sign Language (PJM) corpus.

What is the “PJM corpus”?
A collection of video recordings, containing texts in Polish Sign Language.
What is “annotation”?
A particular way of marking down PJM texts and translating them, so that they can be searched. The most important part of annotation involves glossing, which involves assigning every sign used in a given text (or film) to a particular gloss (or expression). Annotation work is done using specially designed software.
Who is an “annotator”?
A person who watches the corpus films and, using the software, assigns the right gloss to each sign used.
What kind of candidates are we looking for?
We want people who:
- are interested in joining the team that is developing the PJM corpus;
- work in a conscientious, systematic, and timely manner;
- hold a university degree or are now an undergraduate;
- have good computer skills and find it easy to learn to use new programs;
- enjoy quiet work that demands concentration;
- like to learn new things;
- would like to contribute to a project important for the Deaf community;
- have an interest in PJM.
Does that sound interesting? Have any further questions?
Send us an email (written in Polish or signed in PJM) to: