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6th April 2016 – Małgorzata Talipska becomes a member of the Warsaw Council for the Affairs of the Disabled

We are proud to announce that Małgorzata Talipska has been appointed by the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, to a four-year term as a member of the Warsaw Council for the Affairs of the Disabled, a five-member advisory body to the mayor’s office.
Małgorzata Talipska is secretary of the Polish Sign Language Institute, has for several years been collaborating with the Section for Sign Linguistics, is a member of the Deaf Affairs Panel affiliated with Poland’s Civil Rights Ombudsman. In the past she has also been a member of the Youth City Council of Warsaw.
She graduated from the High School for the Deaf on ul. Łucka in Warsaw and from the University of Warsaw, where she studied social policy. Currently she is studying Social Prophylactics and Resocialization. For her civic and research achievements, she won a scholarship from the ONSI organization and the Polish Minister of Higher Education, awarded to outstanding students.
The statutory responsibilities of the Warsaw Council for the Affairs of the Disabled include:
1) inspiring measures aimed at furthering:
a) the professional and social integration of disabled persons,
b) the rights of disabled persons,
2) issuing opinions on programs in support of disabled persons,
3) evaluating program implementation,
4) issuing opinions on draft resolutions and programs in terms of their impact on disabled individuals.