25th July 2017 – conference in Birmingham

On 24 July, one of the plenary sessions at the international workshop entitled "Corpus-based approaches to sign language linguistics: Into the second decade" was a paper entitled "Lexical frequency in Polish Sign Language: A corpus-based study" (by Piotr Mostowski, Joanna Filipczak, Anna Kuder and Paweł Rutkowski). It presented the latest observations concerning the frequency of occurrence of individual PJM signs in the PJM corpus. Interestingly, during the workshop it became clear that the size of the PJM corpus being developed by the Section for Sign Linguistics at the University of Warsaw recently caught up to that of the world’s largest sign language corpus, the DGS corpus developed in Hamburg. The two corpora now each have 425 000 annotated signs.

These workshops dealing with sign languages (involving leading specialists in the field of corpus linguistics) are part of the 9th International Corpus Linguistics Conference taking place in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.