29th September 2017 – Dr Rutkowski presents at the Linguistic Engineering Group seminar

We are proud to announce that on 2 October (Monday) at 10:15am during the first seminar of the 2017-2018 academic year, entitled "Natural Language Processing" (PAS Institute of Computer Science at ul. Jana Kazimierza 5 in Warsaw, ground floor), Dr Paweł Rutkowski will give a lecture on "Polish sign language from the perspective of corpus linguistics".
Lecture summary: "Polish Sign Language is a fully functional visual-spatial language used by the deaf community in Poland. Its origins date back to the 1820s, when the first school for the deaf was established in Poland. Until recently, it was rarely included in linguistic research. The purpose of this lecture is to present a research project aimed at developing a comprehensive and representative corpus of Polish Sign Language.

This corpus is currently being developed at the University of Warsaw. It consists of a collection of video clips showing deaf people using Polish Sign Language in various communication contexts. The videos are annotated in detail: segmented, lemmatized, translated into Polish, labeled according to various grammatical features and transcribed using HamNoSys symbols. Currently, the Polish Sign Language corpus is one of the top-two largest collections of annotated sign language data worldwide.

The issue of lexical frequency in Polish Sign Language is an interesting, open field of research. Until recently, this type of data has only been collected for a handful of sign languages, including American Sign Language, New Zealand Sign Language, British Sign Language, Australian Sign Language and Slovenian Sign Language. The empirical basis for these studies has ranged from 100,000 (NZSL) textual units down to 4,000 (ASL) units. This lecture contributes to the discussion on the nature of the frequency of sign language lexemes by analyzing a much larger collection of relevant data provided by Polish Sign Language".
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