16th November 2017 – multimedia course in PJM for grades I-III

At the behest of the Polish Ministry of National Education, the Section for Sign Linguistics is carrying out a project to develop a multimedia course in Polish Sign Language (PJM) for students in grades I-III. The course will consist of four parts, covering two levels of fluency (A1 and A2). The materials are being developed by an expert team consisting of Joanna Filipczak, Monika Grabowska-Dobrowolska and Małgorzata Lilmanówka. Work is now underway on recording texts in PJM, being signed by Monika Krawczyk, Artur Werbel and Joanna Łacheta. We are very pleased that we are able to create more and more materials for Deaf grade-school students! Have a look at a few images showing recent recording sessions.