5 April, 2013 - Foundation for Polish Science conference

Conference dedicated to the prize-winners and finalists of FOCUS programme of the Fundation for Polish Science took place in Warsaw on the 5, April 2013. Paweł Rutkowski who is the laureate of FOCUS contest as well as the two of its scholarship-winners Sylwia Łozińska and Piotr Mostowski participated in the event. Among attendees there were laureates and scholarships from 2006-2010 period and alsos the representatives of the Foundation and media. The aim of the conference was to make it feasible for the laureates to share their projects’ research results, to make new contacts and exchange ideas. During poster session Paweł Rutkowski presented an illustration rendering the works on the Polish Sign Language corpus.

Please feel free to watch Paweł Kula’s photos from this event which were made available thanks to the Fundation for Polish Science.