7-9 July, 2013 - TISLR 11 summer school

From 7th to 9th, July 2013 the members of our Section: Joanna Filipczak, Bernard Kinow, Anna Kuder, and Joanna Łacheta participated in summer school of TISLR 11 (Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research) conference.

The aim of this enterprise was to present young researchers with theoretical and methodological fundamentals of sign language analysis. The comprehensive programme embraced lectures, workshops and panel discussions. Among the problems raised by participants were methods of sign data collection and their annotation, sign language phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics studies, neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic analyses and others.

Famous sign language researchers inter alia Victoria Nyst, Pamela Perniss, Adam Schembri, Trevor Johnston, Onno Crasborn, Gaurav Mathur, and Caterina Donati have given their lectures.