From 22nd -23rd September, 2014 - PTJ conference in Krakow

From 22nd-23rd September, 2014 the 72nd congress entitled "Continuity and change in language and linguistics” organised by Polskie Towarzystwo Językoznawcze took place at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

In the course of the meeting two speeches concerning PJM have been delivered: " Polish Sign language (PJM) classifier predicates from grammatic and neurolinguistic perspectives” (by Paweł Rutkowski, PiotrMostowski, Łukasza Bola, Katarzyna Jednoróg, Marcin Szwed, Paweł Boguszewski, and Artur Marchewka) and "The status of non manual components accompanying negation in Polish sign language (PJM) – corpus study " (by Paweł Rutkowski, Anna Kuder, Joanna Filipczak, and Piotr Mostowski).