1st August, 2014 - adaptation of the „Our ABC” textbook for pupils with special educational needs

Under commission of Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej Section for Sign Linguistics has developed the adaptation of the first part of „Our ABC” textbook for pupils with special educational needs, including deaf children who use PJM. All the texts in „Our ABC” have been rendered in PJM and incorporated into dedicated multimedia app attached to the textbook in the form of DVD disc. On the disc there are also supplementary texts concerning deaf students and deaf community issues.

Similar adaptations of the other parts of „Our ABC” will follow. Moreover, a special book facilitating the process of acquiring of Polish language system basics for deaf students will be produced. The key topics regarding Polish grammar and lexis will be presented in an attractive and intelligible way. The glottodydactic method used for teaching Polish as a foreign language will be applied .

The book and multimedia application can be downloaded from MEN website.