6th November, 2015 – conference in Wrocław

On 24th November, 2015 at the Department of Educational Studies of the University of Lower Silesia a national conference „Teaching and learning of Polish Sign Language as a foreign language” took place. The members and associates of Section for Sign Linguistics presented the following topics:

"Activation of sign language from the standpoint of the current theoretical linguistics " by Paweł Rutkowski,

"Teaching Polish Sign Language as first language" by Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil,

"Intercultural perspective in studies of Polish Sign Language users” by Małgorzata Talipska,

"Interculturality and the teaching of Polish Sign Language (PJM) as a foreign language" by Joanna Łacheta and Marcin Daszkiewicz.

Paweł Rutkowski and Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil have been the science committee members at the conference.

Enjoy the pictures from this event.