21th May 2016 – article on the “Science in Poland” website

Another article (in Polish) about PJM, in connection with the University of Warsaw’s 200th anniversary, can be found here.

2nd November, 2015 – article on the negation in Polish Sign Language

It is our pleasure to inform that in the volume “Methodologies in linguistics. From dialectology to dialectic.” (in : Łódzkie Studia z Językoznawstwa Angielskiego i Ogólnego, nr 4, red. Piotr Stalmaszczyk, Łódź: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego) appeared an article by PLM researchers.

16th June, 2015 – article about PLM section on website

We are glad to invite you to listen to an interview with Paweł Rutkowski (PhD) which appeared on website. The topic is Polish Sign Language Corpus project.

30 September, 2013 – article on PLM in “The University of Warsaw” magazine

An article on PJM’s corpus being construed by our Section appeared in the newest issue of “The University of Warsaw” magazine (issue 5, October 2013 ).

Article "Badania nad językiem migowym - Research on sign language"

Article "Badania nad językiem migowym - Research on sign language" - published in the book entitled "W kręgu nauki - In the realm of science" (2011, University of Warsaw Press) [in Polish and English]

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