27-29 October 2013 - conference in Barcelona

On October 27-29, 2013, the University of Barcelona, Spain, hosted the "4th World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Educational Leadership". It featured a poster entitled "The corpus based approach in teaching Polish Sign Language as a foreign language", presented by Piotr Mostowski.

29 August - 1 September 2013 - 44. Poznań Linguistic Meeting

The program of the 44. Poznań Linguistic Meeting 2013 included a talk authored by Paweł Rutkowski, Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil, Joanna Łacheta and Anna Kuder from the Section of Sign Linguistics.

10-13 July, 2013 – TISLR 11 conference

From 10th to 13th, July 2013 the 11th edition of TISLR (Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research) conference took place in London. It is said to be the biggest and the most prestigious conference regarding world sign languages. Several members of our Section participated in the conference.

6-8 June, 2013 - OLINCO conference

On 6-8 June 2013, members of SSL (Joanna Filipczak i Piotr Mostowski) presented a poster entitled "Corpus-based Research on Three-dimensional Grammar" at the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium (OLINCO).

14-16 March, 2013 – conference in Alicante

From 14-16.03.2013 at the university in Alicante, Spain, "V International Conference on Corpus Linguistics" meeting took place. "The Design and Compilation of the Corpus of Polish Sign Language (PJM)" speech by Paweł Rutkowski, Joanna Łacheta, Piotr Mostowski, Sylwia Łozińska and Joanna Filipczak was presented.

7-9 February, 2013 – conference in India

Joanna Łacheta, Bartosz Marganiec and Paweł Rutkowski represented PLM at SIGN 6 – The Sixth International Conference of Sign Language Users (7-9 February 2013 , Calangute, Goa, India)

7-9 January, 2013 – conference in Wroclaw

From 7-9 January at the Univercity of Wrocław a conference How categorical are categories? Took place. An essey entitled ‘The category of tense in three dimensions: The case of Polish Sign Language’ by dr Paweł Rutkowski, Joanna Łacheta, Sylwia Łozińska, and Piotr Mostowski was presented.

30 November, 2012 – IV semantic conference

On the 30, November 2012 the IV Semantic Conference took place at the Faculty of Polish Language of the University of Warsaw.

13 October, 2012 - conference in Łódź

Three members of the Section for Sign Linguistics (Małgorzata Czajkowska-Kisil, Joanna Łacheta and Paweł Rutkowski) took part in the conference "Research on Deafness in Poland" held in Łódź.

24-25 September, 2012 - PTJ conference in Bydgoszcz

On 24-25 September 2012, members of SSL (Sylwia Łozińska, Piotr Mostowski i Joanna Filipczak) presented a poster entitled "Corpus of Polish Sign Language" at the Conference of Polish Linguistics Association (PTJ) held at the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.

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9 June, 2012 - after the FEAST

The Section for Sign Linguistics organized "Warsaw FEAST - Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory", an international conference devoted to the linguistic analysis of sign languages.

14 May, 2012 - honorary patronage over FEAST

It is our pleasure to inform that the Rector of the University of Warsaw, prof. Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow has agreed to assume honorary patronage over the Warsaw FEAST - Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory conference.

FEAST conference programme

We are pleased to inform that we have finally got to know the agenda of “Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory (FEAST 2012).

27-28 August, 2011- GMG3 conference

Conference "Głusi Mają Głos 3" (GMG3)/"the Deaf Have Voice 3" (organizers: the Institute of Polish Sign Language and the KOKON Foundation)

15 May, 2011 - SLiP conference

International conference "Sign Linguistics in Poland" (SLiP-1), venue: Auditorium Maximum, University of Warsaw.



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