6-8 May, 2013 - PJM corpus recording session

We are extremely grateful to the Kraków division of the Polish Association of the Deaf for the organizational help we received during a PJM corpus recording session held in Kraków on May 6-9.

5 April, 2013 - Foundation for Polish Science conference

Conference dedicated to the prize-winners and finalists of FOCUS programme of the Fundation for Polish Science took place in Warsaw on the 5, April 2013.

14-16 March, 2013 – conference in Alicante

From 14-16.03.2013 at the university in Alicante, Spain, "V International Conference on Corpus Linguistics" meeting took place. "The Design and Compilation of the Corpus of Polish Sign Language (PJM)" speech by Paweł Rutkowski, Joanna Łacheta, Piotr Mostowski, Sylwia Łozińska and Joanna Filipczak was presented.

7-9 February, 2013 – conference in India

Joanna Łacheta, Bartosz Marganiec and Paweł Rutkowski represented PLM at SIGN 6 – The Sixth International Conference of Sign Language Users (7-9 February 2013 , Calangute, Goa, India)

26 October, 2012 – our informants

We have the honour to present the people who have contributed to the recording process of the corpus of PJM.

24-25 September, 2012 - PTJ conference in Bydgoszcz

On 24-25 September 2012, members of SSL (Sylwia Łozińska, Piotr Mostowski i Joanna Filipczak) presented a poster entitled "Corpus of Polish Sign Language" at the Conference of Polish Linguistics Association (PTJ) held at the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.

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2-18 August, 2012 - Summer School in Corpus Linguistics

In August 2012, four members of SSL (Joanna Łacheta, Joanna Filipczak, Sylwia Łozińska, Piotr Mostowski) participated in Summer School in Corpus Linguistics held at the Institute of German Sign Langauge at the Univeristy of Hamburg.

27 August, 2012 − applications for the studies

Thank you for all the applications for corpus studies and research on CODA bilingualism via our website so far. Extra information will be sent to all interested persons via e-mail.

PJM (PSL) corpus

Section for Sign Linguistics, University of Warsaw, has begun corpus research on PJM(Polish Sign Language). In creating this corpus, Deaf from all over the country, are recorded.

Grammatical categorization through space and movement in PSL

Grammatical categorization through space and movement in Polish Sign Language (Focus grant awarded to Dr. Paweł Rutkowski by the Foundation for Polish Science; grant number: 1/2009).

February 2012 − ongoing works on PJM corpus

Currently, after establishing the procedure for the choice of informants, eliciting and annotating texts and equipping the studio, the recordings of the Deaf informants are being held.

8-11 February, 2011 - workshop in Hamburg

Visit of the members of the Section for Sign Linguistics in the Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf at the University of Hamburg.



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