28th July, 2015 – film on the Section for Sign Linguistics

Enjoy the film on research of Paweł Rutkowski (PhD) and our Section’s team.

It has been directed by the Foundation for Polish Science, the organiser of START, FOCUS, MENTORING, and INTER programmes of which Rutkowski is a laureate.

The video from 6th Brain’s Week

The video from the 6th Brain’s Week which took place in Poznań (Rutkowski's speech) [with PJM translation].

Interview with Paweł Rutkowski - Platon TV

Interview with Paweł Rutkowski (Platon TV, 10th March 2014). The interview was held by Magdalena Madej.

10th March, 2014 – 6th Brain’s Week

On 10th March, 2014 Paweł Rutkowski has lectured a speech “Signing brain” as a part of 6th Brain’s Week which took place in Poznań.

Signing brain

”Signing brain. Classifier constructions of Polish Sign Language from neurobiological perspective” - a one year project (2013) financed by the Foundation for Polish Science as a part of INTER enterprise.

17-19 June, 2013 r. - corpus workshops

From 17th to 19th, June at the University of Warsaw a workshop “The role of corpora in sign communication research: interdisciplinary approach” took place. It was organized by Section for Sign Linguistics in cooperation with Foundation for Polish Science.

5 April, 2013 - Foundation for Polish Science conference

Conference dedicated to the prize-winners and finalists of FOCUS programme of the Fundation for Polish Science took place in Warsaw on the 5, April 2013.

20 March, 2013 – article about PLM research on PAP homepage

We would like to inform that an article on research in classifiers by our Section in cooperation with dr Paweł Boguszewski of Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology was published on PAP (Polish Press Agency) portal.

22 December, 2012 – photos and video from the finale of the INTER contest

Thanks to Foundation for Polish Science we have the honour to present the video and photos from the finale of INTER, the popular science contest organised by FPS in October

18 October, 2012 – dr Paweł Rutkowski as a prize-winner of the INTER contest

We are proud to inform that dr Paweł Rutkowski, the head of the Section For Sign Linguistics, became the winner of the INTER contest organized by the Foundation For Polish Science.

18 November, 2012 - the final of INTER

The head of PLM dr Paweł Rutkowski takes part in the final of INTER contest organised by the Foundation for Polish Science (University of Warsaw Library BUW, 56/66 Dobra
Street, 18 October 2012). In the short speech he will present interdisciplinary research project on neurobiological foundations of sign classifying predicates.



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